That’s exactly what I thought was going to happen almost 7 years ago when I decided to create my very first website. I just had my second child, and the little sleep deprived voice in my head said “this will be a great idea.”

I spent HOURS creating and developing my own logo, product categories and design. I was certain things would take off and I would be working full time in my new business venture.

I pressed publish and WAITED. And waited, and then waited some more. No one came to visit my website. 

Feeling quite down – but mostly confused, I started doing some research on Google. Things like “Why is my website not getting any traffic?” and “Tips to get more website traffic.” This was when I first came across Search Engine Optimisation.

The more I read, the more confused I became! But I tried. I read and re-read the jargon so many times that I started to dream about title tags and meta descriptions. What did it all mean though? I still had no idea.

Not wanting to give up on my new dream, I persevered. I started my first Facebook Business page and shared this with friends and family. PLEASE COME AND VISIT MY WEBSITE and they did. All 10 people.

At this point, nearing the end of 2012, I had $200 left in my account, and no conversions coming through my website. I decided to start applying for work. With a background in Psychology, 20 years of corporate work experience – and now a newly created website, I landed an entry level digital marketing role. I was about to learn what I wanted and needed to know from a group of experts who had years and years of industry experience. I knew that this was what I wanted and needed to do.

I implemented the strategies and plans I had developed for my clients and learned what worked and what didn’t. As my knowledge and skills grew, I worked my way up through the agency, eventually leading my very own team, hiring new digital analysts and creating training programs based on my now years of experience in the industry. I also continued to work with small, medium and large businesses from all around the world and even got to partner up with Google!

I believe in working with the right people, and providing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. This is why I decided to launch Doreen Brown Consulting in 2017.

With now 7 years of Digital Marketing experience, I know what works. I also know that it takes effort and time. When you don’t do things the right way, you can end up spending countless hours (and lots of money!) on areas that don’t bring visibility to your website and business.

Doreen Brown Consulting can give you the roadmap you need when it comes to digital marketing for your business. 

Digital Marketing, with a difference!

Each Business is unique. This is why a one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

At Doreen Brown Consulting, the focus is always on quality over quantity. For this reason, only a very limited number of new clients are signed on each month to ensure that each project and client gets personalised attention, directly.

Part of this approach is to complete a discovery process with you to get a good understanding of your business and online objectives.

A plan is then provided, dependant on your business needs. You may decide to take up one-on-one consulting services, have a new website developed, or proceed with an ongoing plan where optimisation and website updates are completed for you.

“You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” This is why services offered are supported by specialists in their field. View more about our experts below.


No non-sense approach


Easy to understand minus the jargon


Industry knowledge & experience


The right support & guidance


Friendly & genuine service


Tools you can use in your business


Strategy & plans that make sense for your business

Our Vision & Mission

The Vision for Doreen Brown Consulting is to see businesses of all sizes have access to the right Digital Marketing services. 

The Mission is to offer quality and personalised services, where your Digital Marketing investment provides a return for your business.

Our Values

Doreen Brown Consulting values transparency; this is why there are no smoke and mirrors around our services and what we do. Activities undertaken are broken down, so you know what you are paying for. 

We also want to ensure that our clients become empowered to make informed choices about Digital Marketing services. Education and support is provided so that business owners can choose the right options for their needs.



The specialists that help bring your projects and campaigns to life!



Local Search & SEO Specialist

With 1.17 billion people using Google Search, it’s important to have your business not just show up online, but stay there long term. I love Local Search & SEO as it enables businesses to get a piece of that pie.



IT Support & Computer Technician

I understand the needs of small business and I’m passionate about ensuring that business owners have the support they need so they can focus on their core business function. 



Wordpress Developer

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia, I am a qualified programmer with a passion for creating bespoke websites. My focus is to help create easy to manage WordPress websites for small businesses.



Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Design graduate, I assist businesses with designing logo’s and label’s to support brand identity. It all begins with a piece of paper and a pen. I can add extra dimension to design projects!

Please refer to the services page to find out more about the range of areas offered by Doreen Brown Consulting.