Local Search

What is Local Search?

Local Search is a search engine optimisation strategy. It goes beyond standard information search by adding the ‘where’ information. This information can include details such as the title of the business, physical address, postal code or even the geographical coordinates of a business.

A search query like ‘best restaurants’ is not constricted to a specific location and anyone can rank for it. If the search includes a ‘near me” or a location, i.e. ‘best restaurants in Wollongong”, search engines know that the person searching is looking for a business suggestion or a list of local business offering this service in their area.


What Are the Benefits to your Business when you use Local Search campaigns?


Buyers trust online reviews

Online reviews are just as successful as personal recommendations. Businesses that have positive reviews from their customers stand a chance of attracting more customers.


Locals rely on the internet to find information about local businesses

With the rise of internet use, many people go online to find different types of products and services. If your business is available on local search results, it will show up for potential buyers to see.

Why is Local Search important?

Let customers know where you are. When you add local search to your marketing strategy, you make it easy for locals to find you because many of them are using the internet to find local businesses.

Local search is prompt and targeted. By using Local Search techniques, you make it easy for locals (who are already willing buyers) to find what your business has to offer.

Appeal to more mobile users. More local business searches are conducted on mobile phones than on desktops. By covering both PC and mobile, you will not miss out on a potential client.

Local Search has great ROI. Local Search has a better return on investment than traditional advertising because you can reach local customers when they need you.

Traditional advertising media is on an all-time low. Some studies revealed that local newspapers have experienced an 80% decline in readership in the last two decades. A large percentage of people prefer the convenience of the internet to get information on local businesses and the news.

Local search presents a big opportunity for businesses to improve their volume of sales. By employing the right SEO tactics, businesses make it easy for local customers to find whatever they are offering.

Local Search Package Options

Each website has its own needs. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work, as there are many variables that contribute to a successful online presence.

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